Inspection – Equipment


Technical metrology is the application of measurement science in manufacturing to ensure the suitability of measurement instruments, their calibration, and quality control of measurements.


Our inspection machines include a high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine, mitutoyo toolmaker’s microscopes to measure dimensions and angles of machined metals, and optical comparators for the inspection of machined parts. Other inspection instruments include digimatic height gage and Mitutoyo toolmakers microscope calipers up to 40″.


Also the mitutuoyo toolmakers microscope are used to measure and accurately calculate the dimensions of machines. Unlike a conventional light microscope, a mitutoyo toolmakers microscope is typically used as a measuring device. As such, it can be used to measure up to 1/100th of a mm. This makes these microscopes suitable for such functions as the inspection and measurement of various miniature mechanical and electronic parts. Furthermore these tooling equipment reduce the work load.

As multi functional devices, toolmaker tools will often be found in most of the manufacturing companies/factories which is involved in the manufacturing of machines, electronics and tools. Therefore In such places, they consequently help in the measurement of shapes, sizes, angles and positions of small components. As a result which fall under the measuring range of the mitutoyo toolmakers microscope. Hence this makes the microscope particular suitable for such tasks as measuring the shapes of such components as milling cutters, thread gauge and guide screw among others..


First of all the precision mold and tooling equipment is one of the finest and classical tooling equipment. Which means that we believe providing the clients consequently with finest services. Now some of the tooling equipment which we offer is inclusive of geffey crane. So when you have such a business you must have tooling equipment which can soothe the process. And consequently reduce the time line. Also they have build in controls that prevent the trouble of disturbances. Seems like you can install these equipment anywhere you want.

You can also study in details which types and consequently how they function. Almost like grinders, we also have lathe tooling equipment. While grinders have a large variety much as compared to lathe. So these lathe are of 4 types at pmt.

So you can easily trust us. As our team of professionals will guide the best. Much as other companies are working in same areas, we have in a while yet maintained our class and precision. Therefore, you now know where to come for best tooling equipment.