First of all we are specific to our San Antonio facility. So, that’s why Precision Group offers the full service manufacturing which most of all includes ims molding. Also of molded plastic components for a wide range of industries. Now our expertise in precision tooling manufacturing thus includes a wide variety of mold types. Which are prototype aluminum molds, multi-cavity, stack molds, rapid tooling, insert molds, gas-assisted, thin wall and hot runner molds.

Furthermore in order to offer cost-effective injection molding, most of all our Precision Group offers Master Unit Die. Also Round Mate quick-change mold frame systems and whitlock dryers. Furthermore we include master precision mold as well. Consequently these systems achieve lower tooling costs. As a result giving the benefit of quick-to-market manufacturing. Most noteworthy precision group also offers mold repair. That includes mold transportation to and from the customer, in-house mold repair, on-site mold repair, and preventative maintenance. Much a we are particular in maintaining our quality. So are we particular about ims molding services. Which helps us in pleasing our clients. Now with ims molding we consequently offer a huge of completed tasks. Also, ims molding and whitlock dye offer high efficiency in work. Another feature is the increased strength. This as a result adds more durability to the products. Therefore, we make sure that you get ims molding.


Firstly you can check our detailed equipment here. Also, our equipment has made it’s name in the market. Hence our first priority is quality and durability.

  • 110 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Phoenix Picker
  • 165 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Yushin Picker
  • 330 Ton Cincinnati Powerline with AEC Robot
  • 390 Ton Toshiba All-Electric with Yushin Robot
  • 55 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Phoenix Picker
  • 610 Ton Toshiba All-Electric with Yushin Robot
  • AEC Whitlock Dryer

Full Injection Presses equipment list

  • Daewoo 6000lb Hydraulic Fork Lift
  • Overhead Crane – 2 ton
  • Overhead Crane – 5 ton
  • AEC Water Chillers
  • Bosch Hydraulic Units
  • Branson 2000A Sonic Welder
  • Daikin Hydraulic Unit
  • DME Temperature Controllers
  • IMS Hot Oil Unit
  • Straight and Angled Conveyor Systems
  • TampoPrint Sealed Ink Cup 90 Pad Printer
  • AEC Thermolator
  • Aquatherm Thermolator

Full Thermolators equipment list