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Welcome to Precision group another amazing branch! Firstly, this is one of the most recognized and amazing texas toolmakers. Now let’s get into the history and wereabout of texas toolmakers and learn more about the things which you need to know.

what is san antonio edm

San antonio edm is one of the most famous reasons of san antonio. So if you are ever planning to visit san antonio to find out texas tool makers than you must visit the edm in san Antonio. The edm is actually a bit entertaining part. However, if we talk about the whereabouts of texas toolmakers. Than this is the best and supreme guide for you.

Firstly, Edm san antanio ranks seventh in population wise at United States. Also it is ranked as second most populous city of Texas. Which means that there are actually alot of great toolmakers located. Yet our precision group has been able to launch itself with huge success. This huge and exuberant success has been maintained only by providing quality work to the clients.

San Antonio, Texas

So, our 22,000 square foot, climate controlled facility in San Antonio which features state-of-the-art machinery. Same as in both tool and die manufacturing and injection molding.

315 North Park Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78216

Equipment List

First of all the precision mold and tooling equipment is one of the finest and classical tooling equipment. Which means that we believe providing the clients consequently with finest services. Now some of the tooling equipment which we offer is inclusive of geffey crane. So when you have such a business you must have tooling equipment which can soothe the process. And consequently reduce the time line. Also they have build in controls that prevent the trouble of disturbances. Seems like you can install these equipment anywhere you want.


Firstly, it has the ability to design, create, and repair molds for all different industries. Much as if a mold needs repairing, hence we provide transportation to and from our customers’ facilities for convenience. Now the molds are repaired in-house which use top quality, high performance tooling equipment. Also we now perform on-site mold repair by using precise parts and tooling equipment, if necessary.

Furthermore these tooling equipment reduce the work load. As a result it will reduce the risk of damage.  Mush as geffy crane, we also have grinders. Which are of almost nine basic types. You can also study in details which types and consequently how they function. Almost like grinders, we also have lathe tooling equipment. While grinders have a large variety much as compared to lathe.

In addition to these two, we also have material handling which is very important for the proper working. Thus, we can say that pmt is one the finest and highly equipped company which is dedicated to do the best. In turn we get best clients. And consequently we have maintained and also upgraded our standards in market.

So you can easily trust us. As our team of professionals will guide the best. Much as other companies are working in same areas, we have in a while yet maintained our class and precision. Therefore, you now know where to come for best tooling equipment.


  • Autocad
  • Unigraphic Workstations

Full CAD/CAM equipment list

  • 5 Axis Conventional Machining Center TCV3000A-5AF
  • Bridgeport Series 1 Vertical Mill
  • Makino F5
  • Makino F9
  • Mori Seiki High Speed CNC machining center

Full CNC Mills equipment list

  • Charmilles H20 Hole Popper
  • Charmilles Roboform 20 with Isocut
  • Charmilles Roboform 22
  • Charmilles Roboform 310 Wire Cut
  • Charmilles Roboform 40 Die Sinker
  • Mitsubishi Advanced Wire EDM ODS MV-R
  • Mitsubishi Gantry 1200 CNC RAM

Full EDMs equipment list

  • AEC Nelmore Grinder
  • Deckel Single Lip Cutter
  • Mitsui Hi Tec Surface Grinder, 6″x18″
  • Okamoto Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 16″x32″

Full Grinders equipment list

  • 110 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Phoenix Picker
  • 165 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Yushin Picker
  • 330 Ton Cincinnati Powerline with AEC Robot
  • 390 Ton Toshiba All-Electric with Yushin Robot
  • 55 Ton Cincinnati Roboshot with Phoenix Picker
  • 610 Ton Toshiba All-Electric with Yushin Robot
  • AEC Whitlock Dryer

Full Injection Presses equipment list

  • Mitutoyo 14″ Optical Comparator
  • Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S7160
  • Mitutoyo Toolmaker’s Microscope
  • Precision Bore Gauge

Full Inspection equipment list

  • Harrison M350 High Precision Lathe
  • Mori Seiki NL2500 CNC Lathe machining center

Full Lathes equipment list

  • Big Joe Hydraulic Motorized Pallet Jack
  • Daewoo 6000lb Hydraulic Fork Lift
  • Gaffey Overhead Crane – 10 ton
  • Overhead Crane – 2 ton
  • 3R EDM Tooling System
  • AEC Water Chillers
  • Bosch Hydraulic Units
  • Branson 2000A Sonic Welder
  • Daikin Hydraulic Unit
  • DME Temperature Controllers
  • IMS Hot Oil Unit
  • Knight Heat Treat Furnace
  • Straight and Angled Conveyor Systems
  • TampoPrint Sealed Ink Cup 90 Pad Printer
  • Westhoff Horizontal Micro Drilling
  • AEC Thermolator
  • Aquatherm Thermolator

Full Thermolators equipment list

  • HTS Mobile Precision Laser Welder
  • Miller Dynasty DX200 TIG Welder
  • Miller Macstar 90 TIG Welder

Full Welding equipment list