PG South

PG South

Firstly welcome to precision south which is located in la feria, texas. Pg south is yet another remarkable setup of precision group. In addition to other two setups, it has better and updated quality. Now let’s have a look at the essential details.

Where is La Feria, Texas?

Firstly, la feria texas is located in Cameron country which is part of Texas, United States. Opposite to other locations, it is not much of a populated city. Thus, making a nice location for precise group.

Precision South- La Feria, Texas

Our 10,000 square foot, climate controlled facility in La Feria is 10 minutes from the Reynosa/Matamoros border and features a complete tool room with 10 mold makers.

301 Industrial Way
La Feria, Texas 78559

Equipment List

First of all the precision mold and tooling equipment is one of the finest and classical tooling equipment. Which means that we believe providing the clients consequently with finest services. Now some of the tooling equipment which we offer is inclusive of geffey crane. So when you have such a business you must have tooling equipment which can soothe the process. And consequently reduce the time line. Also they have build in controls that prevent the trouble of disturbances. Seems like you can install these equipment anywhere you want.

Furthermore these tooling equipment reduce the work load. As a result it will reduce the risk of damage.  Mush as geffy crane, we also have grinders. Which are of almost nine basic types. You can also study in details which types and consequently how they function. Almost like grinders, we also have lathe tooling equipment. While grinders have a large variety much as compared to lathe. So these lathe are of 4 types at pmt.

In addition to these two, we also have material handling which is very important for the proper working. Thus, we can say that pmt is one the finest and highly equipped company which is dedicated to do the best. In turn we get best clients. And consequently we have maintained and also upgraded our standards in market.

  • Autocad
  • SolidWorks
  • Unigraphic Workstations

Full CAD/CAM equipment list

  • Bridgeport Series 1 Vertical Mill
  • DMG Mori Vertical Machine DV5100
  • Hurco CNC Vertical Machining Center
  • Mazach Vertical Machining Center 510
  • Mori Seiki High Speed CNC machining center
  • Mori Seiki Vertical CNC Machining Center

Full CNC Mills equipment list

  • Charmilles 290 Wire Cut
  • Charmilles 390 Wire Cut
  • Charmilles form 20A with Isocut
  • Charmilles H20 Hole Popper

Full EDMs equipment list

  • Mitsui Hi Tec Surface Grinder, 6″x18″
  • Mitsui surface grinder 8″x18″
  • Okamoto Hydraulic surface grinder 12″x24″

Full Grinders equipment list

  • Mitutoyo 14″ Optical Comparator
  • Mitutoyo Bright A-504 Coordinate measuring machine
  • Scherr Temico Toolmaker’s Microscope

Full Inspection equipment list

  • YAM High Precision Lathe

Full Lathes equipment list

  • Overhead Crane – 2 ton
  • Toyota 4000lb Hydraulic Fork Lift
  • Bridgeport 2J Head Vertical Milling
  • Lagun vertical milling 48″ table
  • Cyclone Sandblaster
  • Laser Welder
  • Multi-Function Ultramax Gesswein
  • Heliarc 250 HF L-Tec welding machine

Full Welding equipment list