Industries We Serve Precision Group

Firstly, Precision group and toolbox studios are here for you! With extensive experience in engineering design, precision tooling and injection molding, Precision Group provides fast and cost-effective solutions to meet your timeline and budget. Also, we are committed to providingĀ quality assurance and superior customer service across multiple industries. M8 Registered ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

toolbox studios

Firstly it is a huge company but with a superb manufacturing system. Also it has been a good equipment provider. How


Non-invasive medical devices & surgical instruments

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Automotive interior & wire harnesses for under-hood applications

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Oil & Gas

Fluid control systems & high pressure vessels

Consumer Markets

Consumer hardware for home appliances & office


So Fiber optic & communication device hardware.


Just like any other upto the mark, we also deal with aerospace. So, we provide flight ready hardware & display instrumentation.

Industries We Serve  <small>Precision Group</small>

The best company of the town is always there for you! Precision group has always maintained higher standards than the toolbox studios.