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Pathways to Apprenticeship

Since 2005, Precision Group has worked closely with the United States Department of Labor to provide instruction & on-the-job training (OJT) in the Tool & Die Maker Apprenticeship Program. Apprentices are identified either as existing employees or through recruitment efforts conducted via social media, direct outreach through school districts, and Texas Work Force Centers.

Over the course of four years, Apprentices have access to over 8,000 hours, classroom instruction (online approved) and OJT with an experienced and skilled mentor. Apprentices earn an increased wage throughout the duration of the program, in an earn-while-you-learn work/training model. There are 350 Job Skills Training Programs Approved by the United States Department of Labor. Precision Group is eligible to apply for sponsorship in as many skills training areas available. We recently received approval for Mechanical Engineer and Plastics Processor.

Customized Industry Training

American Industries are the foundation of our country’s economic prosperity and competitiveness. In recent years, significant talent shortages are slowing companies’ efforts to expand, innovate and thrive. Precision Group is “Making American Manufacturing Great Again” by offering Customized Industrial Training to create a highly skilled manufacturing workforce. Precision’s 35 years of experience allows us to develop the best training designs for manufacturing companies at multi-levels to meet the needs and raise the knowledge/skill level of the learner. From introductory hands-on training to advanced project-based learning, we create programs that meet your specific workforce needs and budget.

Benefits of Customized Training:

Develop highly skilled workforce
Strengthen & improve productivity and budgetary bottom line
Flexible Schedule—train at our facility or yours
Project-Based Training—bring your own project
Training design that drives your companies goals


Training Categories and Levels:

Available at Multi-Levels
General Design
Weld Benching
Maintain/Clean Mold


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