About Us

Innovative and highly-trained staff of this woman-owned business have worked diligently and consistently through the years to earn the respect, trust, and business of individual entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies, as well as, fortune 100 companies. We experience a high-rate of repeat business because we partner with our customers to provide design and development services for quick product to market launches – frequently involving complex devices.

Our success is based on a core ideology that we help create simplicity through innovation. We continually analyze and improve our processes to perfect the products that leave our facilities. Our entire staff is trained to embrace flexibility so we can either adapt to change or be the agent of change. In the molding & tooling business thinking outside the box is critical to problem solving.

Precision Group Milestones

Precision Group has grown to include multiple molding and tooling sites. There have been many changes and improvements through the years. Below are some of the milestones we celebrate remembering our hard-earned path to success.


Our company was founded by Naum and Maya Royberg in their garage in San Antonio, Texas. They saw a need, had a vision, and the first of three facilities under the umbrella of Precision Group was established – back then, called Precision Mold and Tool


The Roybergs moved their business into a small industrial space located within the North Park Industrial Park. As their capabilities increased with a reputation for quality components, their customer base grew.


The owners expanded their operations and established a Precision Mold & Tool South facility in La Feria, Texas with Abe Pena at the helm.


Precision Mold & Tool North expanded into a 10,000 sq. ft. facility. This allowed our company to offer even more services to the automotive industry..


Precision Mold & Tool North expanded further to encompass 22,000 sq. ft. This allowed the company to manufacture at another level and it was a realization of the Roybergs’ dream to expand their molding capabilities.
Precision Mold & Tool Mexico was strategically established in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico to enable Precision Group to serve those in the Maquiladora Industry located on the Texas-Mexican border.


An in-house molding division was created to allow clients to see a product from conception to packaging. The convenience of a one stop-shop.


With its multi-locations and extensive services, Precision Mold & Tool was officially renamed and rebranded as Precision Group to attract U.S. and global markets.


Our goal is to create a portable clean room environment at our Precision Group North location in San Antonio for the production of medical products in conjunction with finalizing FDA approval for an ISO 13485:2016 Certificate of Registration.

Quality Policy

In operation since 1985, Precision Group is committed to understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations and producing finished products and services that instill pride for all involved in the project. In order to achieve our goals, the management team has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) that complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2015 as well as all legal and regulatory requirements.

Precision Group continually monitors, measures, and strives to improve the QMS. All personnel within the organization are responsible for the quality of their work. The management team provides resources for continual training, support, and evaluation. Our business model is focused on risk prevention, analysis of opportunity for the client, and enhancement of customer satisfaction. This policy is communicated to all Precision Group employees, customers, and organizations working for or on our behalf.

We are dedicated to the following:

Compliance to ISO 9001:2015 as well as all legal and regulatory requirements

Consistently meeting, if not exceeding, our customers’ expectations

Maintain on-time delivery and reduce product nonconformity

Provide a safe work environment

Continually monitor and improve our QMS, products and processes


Society of Plastic Engineers

The Society of Plastic Engineers is home to nearly 16,000 plastics professionals, in more than 84 countries around the world and is the “go to” resource for plastics technical information. In 2014, Precision Group was instrumental in the reinstatement of the Central Texas Section of the Society of Plastic Engineers.

San Antonio ManufacturerS Association

Precision Group is a proud member of the San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA). For more than 100 years this membership organization has actively worked to reinforce manufacturers success through advocacy, workforce development, and networking events.

Alamo Inventors Association

Precision Group is a member of Alamo Inventors, a San Antonio-based group created to act as a resource and inspiration to inventors and entrepreneurs. PG representatives who attend the meetings often answer real world application questions for aspiring inventors and help them move their idea forward from design to final product. Alamo Inventors is a special interest group of the Technology Connexus Association.

Texas Camino Real District Export Council

Precision Group is affiliated with the Texas Camino Real District Export Council (TCRDEC). This council offers leadership and international trade expertise. The TCRDEC serves 80 counties in Central and South Texas. The primary objective is to educate the community about free trade and its benefits to encourage exports by companies within that region.

FIRST Robotics Competition

Precision Group was a proud sponsor for the 2014 Alamo Region FIRST Robotics Competition. This event was organized by SASTEMIC. We also sponsored the Women in Engineering Luncheon.