Precision Group Cutting Edge

Knowledgeable. Innovative. Flexible. Firstly precision molding inc continually pushes the boundary of learning, striving and adapting. Also we are fearless in our pursuit of excellence. Consequently we have been involved in this business and known as a  big group of molds.

Furthermore our two most famous tooling mold are known as texas tools san antonio and ohio precision molding.


We Stand Behind Our Work And Service

Discipline. Integrity. Work Ethic. Also we are methodical in our ability to solve problems. Which means that we are dedicated to getting the job right. Since our reputation lies in years of return service from satisfied clients so we are always focusing on big group of molds. As listed above the precision tool and mold has maintained it’s standards for a long period of time.

Mentoring Is A Big Part Of Our DNA

Craftsmanship. Skill. Training. Now there is artistic elegance in the work of precision told and mold which makes us an engineering precision. Also we are committed to passing along our knowledge of ohio precision molding and texas tools san antonio. Through training, scholarships, and our new Institute for American Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program. Consequently we will have a bigger and greater audience to spread our objective of precision told and mold.


Welcome to Precision group! First of all we welcome you here with joy and hope that you will find the best for your needs. Furthermore precision mold & tool group (Precision group inc) has also been known in the market as precision tool & mold. We are famous for following services.

  • Precision mold and tool
  • Precision molding inc
  • Tooling Molds
  • Mold Tool