Precision Group, through the collaboration of three separate facilities, provides molding and tooling for the automotive, aviation, medical, computer, electronic, oil & gas, aerospace, and consumer goods, industries, as well as other major business sectors throughout the U.S. and abroad. Among hundreds of others, customers such as Toyota, Black & Decker, 3M, Cobham, Baker Hughes, Alcon, and DANA choose our tooling and molding services on a regular basis to help them facilitate their product production.

Three Locations

Our San Antonio (Precision Mold & Tool North) and La Feria (Precision Mold & Tool South) locations in Texas, in combination with our site in Reynosa, Mexico (Precision Mold & Tool Mexico) allow for greater capacity and delivery of perfectly engineered plastics and molds in high volume. Precision Group’s, three-in-one advantage, enables customers to benefit from an extensive level of expertise and the use of numerous types of high-end tooling and mold making equipment throughout our multiple business units.


Our centers of expertise are in: engineering design, prototyping, custom computer numerical control (CNC) machining, expert mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, turn-key contract manufacturing and light assembly, and in-house or on-site machining, tool, and die repair services. Precision Group can give you component and product guidance from conception all the way through packaging and shipping.